Ridge Racer Unbounded

Developer :   Bugbear Entertainment
Publisher :   Namco Bandai Games
Genre :   Racing
Platform :   PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Engine :   -
Release Date :   Mar.27.12


Ridge Racer Unbounded gears up to carve its own destructive path on a spectacular collision course! Ridge Racer is on its way back into the eager hands of gamers & Ridge Racer™ Unbounded is coming to add an unexpected dimension to the series and deliver an original blast of ferocious racing adrenaline. Easily create thousands of tracks and share them online

Our Review


After its appearance in Xbox 360 (Ridge racer 6) half a decade ago and 6-years ago in Playstation 3(Ridge Racer 7), finally, has born Ridge Racer Unbounded for PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.

In this series, RR: Unbounded, you will see 180 degrees changes from its predecessors. I'll explain it below.

Here, Ridge racer Unbounded has come to conquer need for speed and Burnout/flat out. In this series of Ridge Racer you won't race in a circuit and it's totally street racing by justifies any mean. The race is divided into several types, Domination Race, Time Attack, Drift, Shindo racing and Frag attack and all of these types are always there in each districts of the city called Shatter Bay (unless Frag attack).

Ridge Racer Unbounded - power

Domination Race is just a normal race, and all you need to do is to get the first, second or third place. To unlock the next race within a district you need to gather your points(district score) until it reaches the requirements target points. You will get total 3 stars if you are finish in the first place, second place for 2 stars and third place for a star. I bet you would curious and interested to get all the three stars to fully dominate and complete the race. Anyway, it will give you experiences each time you retry the race (after you finish the race), so you can use this to get your level up and unlock cars or maps. Here in domination race you can destroy some environments, like trees, pole, etc and some particular things like truck or break through a market (you will see the sign which environment you can hit) to make a shortcut which can only be destroyed using power (like nitrous) and this will give you more points for your EXP and you can get another power instantly to boost your car. In this series you have to build up the power first before you can use the power that works like nitrous (reminds me of Midnight club on Playstation 2) by chasing or hit your opponent's and drift (the fastest way). With the 'power' on, you can 'frag' your opponent and gain more points, but beware, your opponent can do the same thing to yours. Fortunately, the AI is not vicious, so you won't get 'fragged' frequently.

Ridge Racer Unbounded - city targets

Basically, Shindo Racing is Domination race, but you are limited in 'Shindo' Car and no city targets, which means no particular environments that can be destroyed using power.


In time attack, as we know it, we have to finish the race within the time limit. In this game, the 'time attack' is a bit different. You will see tokens with 'RR' logo inside it along the unique track and you need them to stop the time for a short time. These tokens are really taking a huge role in time attack race. You can't just win the race without taking a single token, no way...


We know drift, and we love drift. It will be your challenge to get 3 stars in this Drift. A standard drift and it's not too difficult to achieve the minimum points, but, like I said before, I believe you will be very curious, try and try it again to get the top points and get the 3 stars. Yeah its fun, and it looks more realistic than its predecessors.
In 'Frag Attack', you got a job to destroy cops car as many as you can. Yes it was easy and it took me about 5 retries to get 3 stars :)

Ridge racer Unbounded - Time attack

Are you bored with the race track? Then you can make your own track, publish it and play with your friends. And, it's not just one or two tracks but build your own city. Nice idea.

The graphics are definitely better than its predecessors, the cars was designed based on the real cars and unfortunately no customization here. In this series you won't hear any commentator, but they never forget that nice music, I love it. I saw that the developer has totally changed Ridge racer image, we could immediately sense it from the UI, and it's been designed all about the street racing.


Final conclusion: Ridge Racer Unbounded is not the old Ridge Racer as we knew it before. It may has changed the whole body but I can't deny that the soul is still Ridge Racer. This game is fun, the graphics has improved, and it could make you spend some of your time just to achieve 3 stars, especially in Drift attack. Well, we have enough simulation racing, so this one is good to make a variation in racing genre this year.

Score 8.0


Metacritic 72/100 | Gamespot 8.0 | IGN 8.5 | Eurogamer 8/10

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